Bahia x Londrina AO VIVO Online TV Coverage Copa do Brazil

Bahia x Londrina AO VIVO

With a major favorable position subsequent to beating in the primary amusement, by 4 to 0, in the Arena Fonte Nova, the Esporte Clube Bahia comes back to confront Londrina this Thursday (25/04), at 7.15 pm, at the Estádio do Café in Londrina (PR). The squad can lose by three objectives contrast that will be grouped for the eighth-finals, while the group of Paranaense must win by four objectives distinction to take the choice to the punishments or by five objectives contrast to progress from stage to ordinary time . Who qualifies, stashed another R $ 2.5 million.So far, Bahia has officially won R $ 5.6 million in prizes, tallying the past stages, in which it killed Rio Branco-AC, Santa Cruz-RN and CRB. The Squadron got R $ 1,050,000 million for the main stage cooperation, R $ 1,250,000 for the order to the second stage and R $ 1,450,000 for the development to the third stage, notwithstanding R $ 1.9 million for the characterization to the fourth phase.

Bahia x Londrina EN VIVO

Esporte Clube Bahia is planned for another choice, presently for the fourth period of the Brazil Cup, which is a bit nearer to progress to the Round of 16. After a 4-0 rout by Londrina, in the primary leg at the Fonte Nova Arena, the squad comes back to confront the group from Paraná, this time at the Estádio do Café. This amusement will occur on Thursday (24) at 19h15.For the diversion, Bahia does not have the left-back Moses (suspended), the driver Elton, discharged to tackle specific issues and Lucas Fonseca, vetoed by back torment. Goalkeeper Douglas, protector Jackson and striker Elber, are in the physical change and will likewise be theft. The lineup has quite recently been revealed.Coach Roberto Fonseca, who had taken over Londrina after the state, had left the group after the main conflict against Bahia. Before long, German, administrator of Tubarão in the Championship Paranaense, comes back to expect the group.

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