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Canelo vs Jacobs EN VIVO

Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez needs to accomplish what nobody ever of boxing and for this requires two triumphs, the principal he will search for this Saturday when he faces the American Daniel Jacobs at the T-Mobile Arena.More than 20 thousand onlookers will observer the unification duel in which “Canelo” will uncover his medium weight staffs of the World Boxing Council (WBC) and the World Boxing Association (WBA), and Jacobs of the International Federation (IBF), other than to debate the “Mayan Belt”.If the champ turns out, the Mexican would have three 160-pound titles and just the OMB would miss accomplish his next huge objective, which is to bind together the four staffs of a division, which has never been finished by a Mexican boxer.But it won’t be simple before the supposed “Marvel Man”, who in 2011 endure disease and now shows up as a standout amongst the most convoluted opponents ever of, prepared to request the arrangement of the best middleweight today.The characteristics of Jacobs are assorted and extend from battling with the two monitors, their quality, speed, notwithstanding being taller than the Mexican, however in the “Canelo” group they know about everything and confiding in the readiness that was made.It was 182 rounds of competing to get in the best conditions to this battle, notwithstanding having full certainty, “I am a pelador who realizes how to adjust to everything, I can battle in an alternate manner, on Saturday I will do my battle, adjust to his style and winning round for round “.

Canelo vs Jacobs Live Stream

Without dread of anything in the game of clench hands, the main thing that inspires “Canelo” is to leave an inheritance in boxing and impact the world forever, what he searches for with enough experience after 54 battles (51-1-2, 35 KOs ) and course to the primary safeguard of their reality scepters.”I’m going to box on the off chance that I need to box, on the off chance that I need to shake, I’m a fighter who can do anything over the ring, that is the thing that the experience has given me, Eddy and ‘Chepo’ Reynoso have shown me how to get things done, that is the thing that certainty that I can do anything, “he said.Although in earlier weeks Jacobs had said that one of its points of interest would be the attitude, since he has just vanquished demise subsequent to conquering malignancy, “Canelo” regards him, yet said that reality will be found in the ring.”He has a solid mindset to endure the end result for him, yet this is boxing, it’s something different, I have my solid mindset as well and Saturday will be up. I adore what I do and that is for what reason I’m here, I don’t come to battle to battle, I come to win, “he said.”Canelo” touches base at this battle subsequent to beating Gennady Golovkin in the sudden death round to get the CMB and AMB titles, and to quell Rocky Fielding to catch the WBA super go between. He goes for the eighth staff of his profession.

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