Grêmio VS São Luiz EN VIVO Online Coverage Brazil – Gaúcho 1

Grêmio VS São Luiz AO VIVO

The match between Grêmio and São Luiz will be broadcast by SPORTV starting at 9:15 p.m. But the supporter can also follow the match of the Gaucho championship through Premiere. For this, it is necessary to sign the Globo service.Follow the author on InstagramLeader of Gauchão with 7 points, Grêmio in the last round made their first match of the year in the Arena and won Juventus 3-0 with two goals from Jael and one from captain Maicon. In addition to the debut of the holders, the game was the first goalkeeper Julio Cesar and striker Felipe Vizeu.The São Luiz in the last round went to Pelotas and drew with the Wolf in a 0-0. With only 2 points is currently in the relegation zone.Grêmio started the game suffering and endured. The São Luiz-RS forced the Tricolor defense with medium and long distance finishes and aerial play. After the start of pressure, the home team cooled down and the youngsters thanked him. With a little more space, the quality weighed..

Grêmio VS São Luiz EN VIVO

Even without being the lord of the duel, Grêmio opened the scoring. He closed the first half controlling the match and with the partial victory even finalizing in smaller amount.The irony of the initial stage was the effectiveness by the sides. Most of the moves were on the left side with the help of Guilherme Guedes, but it was on the right that left the goal. In the first good move by the sector. The Tricolor transition team, however, showed preseason reflexes. More caught, the gremistas lost some bids for the São Luiz. The physical difference was fading over time and from the middle of the final stage it was almost the same for both teams.When victory seemed assured, with Sao Luiz suffering to create, Grêmio faltered. Paulo Miranda was sent off, the team was exposed and Ronaldinho Gramadense tied for an individual play, which had a half-way offense and took the owners home afterwards The journey could have been even worse. After the equalizer, Xuxa hit a beautiful shot and the ball exploded on the crossbar in the final seconds of the duel. Before that, Grêmio had scored well and controlled the game almost all the time. Pepê steals the scene with pass Pepê did not make the goal and neither will appear in the statistics as author of the assistance, but deserves attention. The attacking midfielder opened the right and gave a beautiful pass over the top to trigger Leonardo Gomes

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